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Digital Graphics Print Media

"The environmentally responsible digital graphics

print media that are as durable as your inks."

  • Manuf from renewable/sustainable resources
  • Manuf using recycled resources (PCW)
  • Recyclable (check local requirements)
  • FSC® Certified

Fibermark Wide Format Graphic Media List


Endura® - Print is a line of cellulose based wet                                                                                         strength, indoor/outdoor papers that are latex

saturated to provide a durable substrate that

can be used in a wide variety of digital media

applications including:  POP, Commercial Decor,

Home Decor and Fine Art.

Compatible with: Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent

and UV Curable Inks.


Endura Classic 375 Spec ECL375

     - 17 mil semi-rigid durable paper


Endura Poster 225 Spec EPT225

     -10 mil Poster/display graphics durable paper


Endura Tear Resistant 250 Spec ETR250

     -9 mil durable paper with synthetic tear resistant fibers


 City Light Wet Strength Paper Spec CLW200

       -9 mil latex saturated day/night paper (backlit)


Endura Light 150 Spec ELT150

     -6.5 mil light weight durable paper


Endura Stick-P 150 - ESP150

      -6.5 mil lightweight durable paper with pernament adhesive


DigiScape® - Environmentally friendly, alternative to pvc

custom printable wall covering media.

  • Manufactured using sustainable resources

        and 30% post consumer waste

  • Construction support 2 LEED credits
  • Contains no halogen, PVC, phthalates, chlorine or                                                                                  heavy metals

DigiScape Weave 350 Spec DCW350

     -17 mil/ 350 gram fine weave like texture

DigiScape Canvas 350 Specs DCC350

     -17 mil/ 350 gram textile like canvas texture


Artista™ - Print the environmentally responsible

durable digital graphics print media for traditional

fine art applications


FlexArt 280 Spec

  • 12 mil/ 280 grams alternative canvas                                                                                                          like product
  • Cellulose based, latex saturated
  • Manufactured with synthetic fibers to                                                                                                   provide stretch


DuoBoard 011 Spec

  • 11 mil two side print block-out board

 DuoBoard 013 Spec

  • 13 mil two side print block-out board

DuoBoard 024 Spec

  • 24 mil two side print board - through white

DuoBoard 030 Spec

  • Semi rigid, 30 mil
  • Environmentally  responsible and friendly,                                                                                     alternative to rigid pvc, sintra, and other fossil fuel based media                                
  • Available in 4' x 8' and 28" x 40" and                                                                                                      custom sizes

DuoBoard 050 Spec

  •  50 mil two side print board - through white                                                                                                                                                     












MACtac presents...


more sustainable matching digital media and laminate


verde use


  • 3.1 mil gloss with a gray opaque permanent adhesive polypropylene top coat
  • up to 2 yrs outdoor durability
  • POP, bumper stickers, short term decals and window graphics
  • environmentally conscious customer
  • Solvent, Latex and UV compatible


  • 9.9 mil gloss with a clear permanent adhesive polypropylene top coat
  • up to 2 yrs outdoor durability
  • POP, bumper stickers, short term decals and window graphics
  • environmentally conscious customer
  • UV Cure compatible


  • 2.0 mil optically clear removable adhesive top coated polyester
  • scratch resistant top coated
  • ideal for removable clear POP signage
  • UV Cure compatible

VM1000 - Laminate

  • 3.1 mil pressure sensitive overlaminates
  • gloss, luster & matte
  • emulsion adhesive eliminates evaporates as steam not like solvents that go into the environment
  • kraft liner is more recyclable than PCK liner
  • up to 2 yrs

Verde Specs